Weekly Jukebox: 6/21/10

Cold War Kids – Audience

Sometimes all you need is a really simple piano riff and a soulful voice to make music work, and that’s what the Cold War Kids accomplish with “Audience.” As the song progresses they delicately add layers like a musical parfait. As Donkey from “Shrek” would say, “You ever hear someone say, ‘Hell no I don’t like no parfaits.’” Exactly.

Elsinore – Chemicals

What starts with the tinkling guitar of your typical indie rock song quickly turns into something rocktastic when the hook hits you with this double-time cymbal beat while the lead singer dips into his falsetto. You’ll have the “Hey, Love,” part of this song churning through the musical chambers of your brain all week.

The Foxes – Come and Get You

These guys are funky monkeys, man. The Foxes put together a fun, upbeat track with “Come and Get You” that is exactly the sort of thing you’d want to hear at a summer outdoor music festival. You won’t be able to hop up and down when that chorus hits, even if you’re driving while listening to it. Especially if you’re driving while listening to it. For extra danger, text and do your makeup at the same time. What’s good rock music without a little risk, right?

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