Weekly Jukebox: 7/12/2010

Shontelle – “Impossible”

Shontelle has been on my radar for some time now.  Let me apologize for not featuring her here on Fresh Scouts much sooner.  My bad.  Now that you have forgiven me, I will go on.

Barbados gave us Rihanna and now the country gives us Shontelle.  Way to go Barbados!  “Impossible” is made possible because of her upcoming release of No Gravity.  Prepare yourself, because you will be listening to Shontelle on the regular.  I guarantee.

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Jenna Andrews – “Tumblin’ Down”

I can’t get enough of this track!  Canadian singer/songwriter Jenna Andrews is positioning herself to make a huge splash on the music industry.  Her soulful voice is absolutely incredible.  When I came across the song the order of events went like this:

  1. Listened to the song and was blown away by the vocals.
  2. Watched the video and scratched my head in wonder.
  3. Realized that the old soul voice was actually coming out of her mouth.
  4. Wrote about the song on Fresh Scouts.

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Freshlyground – “Fire is Low”

Congrats to Spain for taking home their first World Cup title.  Ah, the sweet song of the vuvuzela will finally be fading away.  Well, not completely.  Hello, new ringtone! Another sound that I am sure you will recall is the World Cup theme song, “Waka, Waka” from Shakira.  What you might not be aware of is that the backing music and supporting vocals were provided by a group called Freshlyground.  This talented band from South Africa mixes traditional South African music with blues, folk and rock.  Shakira is great and all, but I am loving me some Freshlyground right now!

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