Weekly Jukebox: 7/19/2010

Pharoahe Monch – “Shine”

In my own experience, good rappers are either really intelligent or really fun. Rarely are they both, but Pharoahe Monch rides the fine line between poetry and entertainment as well as anybody, and his new cut “Shine” represents that hip-hop philosophy as good as any track he’s ever put out. We’ve been waiting for his new album “W.A.R.” for a long, long time, and this little teaser is enough to keep us excited as ever about it.

Andrew Belle – “The Ladder”

I keep bumping into Andrew Belle’s music, even though prior to this month I’d never really even heard of the guy. But the fact that he’s from Wheaton, a Chicago ‘burb, makes us feel the need to support him even if we didn’t love his music. Which we do. So… bonus?

The Heavy Pets – “Drenched”

Not sure if The Heavy Pets is an homage to overweight cats or really intense touching above the waist. Either way I guess it’s a cool name for a band, but not as cool as the actual music. First heard these guys on Sirius radio a couple year ago, and the new song from the new album is as soulful and wonderful as anything they’ve done in the past. Good guys, good track.

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