Weekly Jukebox: 7/5/2010

Craig David – “Who Am I?”

There’s an unspoken role in the hip-hop community that anything Timbaland produces is pure cash money, so considering he put together the music for the new cut from Craig David, I already have to love it. But it’s a cool R&B pop ballad that doesn’t drag a lot of the other R&B pop ballads out there on the radio. The rolling toms and double-bass drums typical of Timbo make this an instrumental worth indulging in. And David’s voice is just as silky as it was when he was gracing the Top 40.

Great Divide – “Waiting”

Once upon a time, we at FS featured a now-defunct group called Brown Couch, which to this day remains one of our all-time favorites. When I heard this track from up-and-coming Chicago band Great Divide, we had to check and make sure there weren’t any old Brown Couchers involved in the project. There weren’t, meaning they’re just independently funky enough to put together some fantastic songs with tight harmonies and heaps of rock and soul.

Travis – “The Line Is Fine”

Somewhere in between Nirvana and Wheatus, Travis put together a very interesting little anthem with a delightfully whiny hook all the way back in 1997. It’s not exactly a tip for those of you looking for brand new stuff, but if you ever loved grunge at any point in your life, you’ll love this song.

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