Weekly Jukebox: 8/9/10

Laws – Hold You Down (Remix)

Forget for a moment that the hook of this high-octane hip-hop massacre sounds like it’s sung by Optimus Prime (which is awesome in and of itself); what I really love about the track is Laws himself. Born in Brazil and raised in Florida, this budding rap star rounds up a hot trio of featuring Big K.R.I.T. and Emilio Rojas (who kicks things off going like a million miles an hour).  This is hot, hot heat, people. Hot, hot heat.

A Fine Frenzy – Electric Twist

Alison Sudol is officially my new celebrity crush, and I’ve got the music video for “Electric Twist” to thank for that. The song itself is perfect—upbeat but patient—a snazzy, thumping rock track that croons and soothes and boogies all at the same time, and Sudol’s subtle dance moves in the video are the epitome of sexy. Talented gal, great song, perfect video.

Simon Webbe – Grace

It’s hard to sing in the lowest registers of the male voice and maintain a legitimately poppy sound, but Webbe just pumps out hit and after hit without having to trill like Christina Aguilera or drill super-high notes like (ugh) Adam Lambert. The man just sings it and means it, and so many of his tracks are rife with positive messages that it’s hard not to just enjoy the whole Simon Webbe experience. “Grace” might be a couple years old, but it’s been getting a lot of play in my iPod lately. Gorgeous melodies drive this track from start the finish, but it’s catchy and moving enough to leave you affected well after the facts.

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