White Rabbits

whiterabbits2For those of you that follow us, you know that we love to rock.  Whether it’s JET, The Raconteurs, Band of Skulls, Cavo or Vampire Weekend, we’ve got your rock covered.  But what happens when you run out of things to rock out to?  I mean, is there such thing as too much rock?  I submit that there is not.  That’s why I bring you White Rabbits.

These guys have a knack for rocking out and have been doing it officially since 2007 (but most likely since they were born.)  With a sound not too far from The Strokes and perhaps hints of the quirkiness of a band like Cake, these guys already have a lovable sound.  Add in heavy drums mixed with melodic guitars and lead vocals, and these guys have the recipe for success.  Which is good because most bands these days only have the recipe for mediocre.  Which would be like eating cookies without the vanilla extract.  Or peanut butter and jelly without the syrup.

You may have heard White Rabbits‘ latest single “Percussion Gun” gracing the radio waves of alternative and indie radio.  It is growing to steadily become a radio favorite so, by the laws of commercial advertising, it should become a favorite of yours very soon.  Songs like “Rudie Fails” and “Right Where They Left” have the heavy drum lines I mentioned a few sentences ago with the simple, yet epic sound signature of a band like Muse.  And, although my comparisons to other bands make it sound like they are merely mixing together sounds of already great bands, they do have a very unique sound that lends itself only to White Rabbits.

But don’t take my word for it.  Hear what the critics have to say:

“This is by far the best album I’ve ever heard in my life.  I honestly cried when I listened the first time, and I didn’t even cry when my first son was born.”
-  David Archer, The Jamesville Missouri Post

“White Rabbits should run our country.  If their leaderships skills are anything like their latest album, we’ve got the next Abraham Lincoln on our hands.”
- Miriam Webster, Bedford Daily Rambler

“I went to a White Rabbits show a couple of years ago and saw a shooting star.  If that’s not destiny, I don’t know what is.”
- Jimmy Parker, Student

Listen to the album:

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