William Elliott Whitmore

williamwhitmore2I hope I am not the only one who finds it easier to drift to sleep aided by the melodic sounds of an old African-American man.  Something about the deep tone just sends me into dreamland.  Ok, as I type it out, it does sound weird.  Thankfully, I have the voice of William Elliott Whitmore to comfort me.  Wait just a minute!  Whitmore’s not old or African-American?  He is in his early 30′s and is Caucasian?  I guess I won’t be getting any sleep tonight.

My lack of sleep is actually linked to the fact that I am fixated on Whitmore’s album, Animals in the Dark.  I have had the album on heavy rotation for several months now and I must admit it is darn near close to a religious experience.  It certainly helps that the tracks often exude an almost southern gospel feel.  Each track feels like a mini sermon about life.  Those messages are all shared through an incredibly deep-blues style.  And when I say “deep” I mean “deeeeeep”.  When Whitmore sings I can almost picture him at the bottom of a well covered in mud and muck.  His voice is straight up dirty.  And not Christina Aguilera “Dirrty”.  I mean the salt of the earth kind of dirty.  Dirty in a good way.  Whitmore may be a thirty something Caucasian man from Iowa, but he is seriously channeling some old spirits when he opens his mouth.

“Mutiny” is a new anthem for revolutionaries everywhere.  I can’t help but sing along.  I just need to be aware of my surroundings at the time.  Standing in front of my local police station is not the best time to be screaming out to “Mutiny”.  Although, if that does happen, I can always belt out some “Johnny Law”.  And while I sit alone in my cell I would sing along with “Hell or High Water” and “Let the Rain Come In” to bring me some peaceful sleep.  Let’s just hope I never end up in jail.  You know, to be safe, I will now just hum along to William Elliott Whitmore.

Whitmore’s live studio performance of “Hell or High Water”

Do you enjoy the deep bluesy sound of William Elliott Whitmore? Then you will enjoy Tom Waits!

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