The tale of Phoenix begins in the year 2000 in a little place called “France”.  Four “Frenchmen” united to form their first album entitled United.  Without seeing the mainstream success all bands hope for in a debut release, they banded together (probably by speaking French and starting a “revolucion”) to produce their second album Alphabetical after four years of regrouping and hardship.  Note: I’m not really sure about the hardship part, I just like to add details to make the story more relateable.

Le Phoenix

Le Phoenix

This album proved to have more of the mainstream success the band hoped for allowing Phoenix to go on to produce two more studio albums, It’s Never Been Like That and the most recent Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.  The latter released May 25 of this year.

Honestly, I just recently came across the album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and have not been able to stop listening to it since.  I first found out about them through the song “1901″ which has not only been getting some heavy radio play, but is also featured in the most recent Cadillac advertisements.  I liked it so much, I honestly went out and bought a Cadillac that same day.  That’s how awesome the song is. 

“1901″ was actually the second single released from the album; the first being “Lisztomania”.  That video is actually awesome too.  So awesome that you should watch it:

The album is definitely Indie Rock and draws on a number of different synth sounds to create an almost dreamy atmosphere combined with heavy beats and overall rocking out. You get solid rock sounds with both “Lisztomania” and “1901″, but a whole different sound with songs like “Loves Like A Sunset” and “Rome”.  Their musical library extends out to a number of unique blends of music that make Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix a must have.  And make note of the song playing the next time a Cadillac commercial comes on.  Just also make note that a new Cadillac starts at around $30,000.

Check out the album below:

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