Zee Avi

You need to smile more.  Zee Avi will help with that.  Prepare to be shocked at the old soul voice that comes from this little darling.  Be more shocked that I used the phrase “little darling”.

Zee’s voice is like pink cotton candy floating on a warm breeze.  Or maybe it’s more like melting butter pooling on a hot waffle.  You know, I have to remember to stop skipping breakfast.  Bottom line – Zee’s voice is amazing.  Her delivery is soft and controlled, but don’t be fooled. Beneath the surface hides incredible vocal power that is waiting to be unleashed on your ears.

It was no surprise to me when I heard that she signed with Jack Johnson’s label, Brushfire Records.  Her style fits so well with their stable of talent.  Zee essentially was discovered through YouTube.  Yes, the same YouTube that brings us grown men getting hit in the berries with a wiffle bat.  And while it is true that I never stop laughing at those unfortunate souls, it is great to have wonderful talent discovered through that medium.  Zee posted her songs so that her long distance friends could enjoy and before long, the music industry types came knocking.  Calls were made.  Deals were inked.  Her album was just released.  Just that simple.

Her self-titled first album, “Zee Avi“, does not disappoint.  With so much overproduced music out there right now it is great to have some pure tracks to get you singing along.  I personally enjoy “Poppy”, “Monte”, and “Darling”.  Her first single “Bitter Heart” will no doubt make waves this summer.

Check out her video “Bitter Heart” right here at Fresh Scouts!

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