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Surfing somewhere in between peculiar and catchy lies Zero 7, a chill UK group known for experimental remixes and unique trip-hop compositions like “In the Waiting Line,” the floating downtempo diddy from “Garden State’s” ecstasy scene.  Not that we’re advocating the use of drugs.  Because we’re not.  We’d never let Crime Dog McGruff or our 4th grade D.A.R.E. officers down by doing such a thing.

Zero 7The new album from Zero 7, “Yeah Ghost,” is the group’s fourth, and it includes a smattering of tracks doing all sorts of interesting things.  No two are anywhere near alike, but all eleven are worthy either of rhythmic head bobbing or thoughtful contemplation.  This is music that’s actually accomplishing something.  The fact that it’s actually worth listening to is a bonus.  Kind of like biting into a delicious jelly donut and having naked Megan Foxes unexpectedly spill forth from the hollow center.

Among these tracks is “MrMcgee,” the most poppy and marketable of the batch, which starts off slowly and then kicks things into party gear halfway through the first verse.  Zero 7 isn’t necessarily known for toe-tappers, but this one is good enough for club play.

Other notables on this album include “Swing,” which is a more traditional slowdown Zero 7 cut highlighted by tinkling carnival bells over an acoustic backdrop, and “The Road,” which is by far the prettiest melody on the disc.  It’s the kind of meaningful ballad that would affect a person almost medicinally late enough in an evening—a lot like John Mayer’s “Wheel” and just about anything by Norah Jones.

Songs like “Pop Art Blue” and “Sleeper” leave their mark on the overall vibe of the album too, and other tracks get a little riskier than one might prefer, but all in all this is a solid purchase.  Certainly more worthwhile than the Barbara Streisand album that comes out today.  And if I offended you by saying so, then you’ve got no business frequenting this website.  There’s no place for Barbara Streisand fans here.  Also unwelcome are fans of Celine Dion and any rapper with the prefix “Li’l” added to their stage names.

But fans of Zero 7 are cool.  They can hang out for a while if they want.  Juice and naked Megan Fox jelly donuts will be provided.

Check out the album below:

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